What We Can Do

What We Do

Mafuta brings you a fuel coupon app that’s easy, fast and secure.

From Zimbabwean Diaspora to the Corporate businessman, we have a turnkey solution for you.

Simply purchase your diesel from www.mafuta.net and input the receiver’s information.

What We Can Do

How it Works

  • There will be an automatic safe transfer of fuel to the app on the receiver’s phone.
  • The phone app allows you to transfer and trade anywhere in Zimbabwe. There are over 14 Fuel collection points. Ranging from Bulawayo, Harare, Mutare and many places inbetween. Details in services section.

Who We Are

About Us

Energy Direct brings you Mafuta with a view to introducing a money saving, easy and secure arena for the people of Zimbabwe to trade in.  This revolutionary platform will be evolving and upgrading on a regular basis.

Some of our near future advancements include a separate division which will encompass and include the specific demands required by company or corporate structures.

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