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The reality is that for too long now Zimbabweans have been struggling and drowning with the economy. Mafuta is the lifeline required to elevate you, your family and business ventures. The secure stable product has huge potential and will enable you to have the freedom required to advance on the African continent.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower the Zimbabwean person and business where they have both been limited by the countries economic situation and climate. Every person deserves the right to opportunity and a fair environment to trade in.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Zimbabwe recover and become what we have the potential to be. This can only be done with a stable foundation.

About Energy Direct

Energy Direct brings you Mafuta with a view to facilitating fuel supply to the Southern Region of Africa, starting in Zimbabwe. With Mafuta fuel you can trade, transact, safely run your business or enterprise and redeem fuel whenever you require. In Zimbabwe, Mafuta has a number of different agents where you can redeem or access your Mafuta Fuel. With Mafuta all Zimbabweans have a money saving, easy and secure arena for the people to trade fuel in.  This revolutionary platform will be evolving and upgrading on a regular basis. Some of our advancements include a separate division which will encompass and include the specific demands required by company or corporate structures.

You can purchase a Mafuta Coupon via a variety of methods:

Option 1

If you purchase fuel directly from Energy Direct your fuel will cost you $1.20. This can then be sent to anybody with a phone APP in Zimbabwe.

Option 2

You can purchase a Mafuta coupon locally for $1.25 and this too can be traded anywhere in Zim.

Option 3

The different fuel charges relate to the payment method used.

Option 4

You can use Paynow Zimbabwe, relative fees are – https://www.paynow.co.zw/Home/Fees

Option 5

You can do a bank transfer from your local or international bank account

Option 6

You can get someone else to purchase the cheaper Mafuta Diesel outside the country by paying directly to the “mother” company (Energy Direct)


Buy d’s (diesel) for your loved ones back home. Your d’s will be automatically loaded onto your app. After that, you can trade, swap and collect your d’s.

You can rely on this stable, secure and trusted platform. After being transferred to our easy, fast and friendly app you can trade, swap or collect your d’s (diesel)

Purchase, transfer and trade your d’s ( diesel coupons) – Purchase diesel for your family in Zimbabwe. Concerned about your family and the economic climate back home…. Worry no more. You can send diesel home – the country runs on diesel and this commodity will hold it’s valued throughout. We have traded in fuel coupons in the past with limited success – Mafuta has now crushed the limitations ☺ diesel easily transferable between friends, family, work and fuel redeemable at any Flo Garage. Future fuel partners will be on board soon.

Redeem your coupons in the following locations – 1-10 stations and depots with much more to come

No hard copy coupons – can’t lose, send through the wash, get stolen,

Flo will redeem all coupons without question.

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