Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I send fuel to someone who does not have the Mafuta app?

Not at the moment. The application is free and very simple to download.

What do I do if my phone with the Mafuta app is stolen or lost?

You must report this to Mafuta ASAP so that we can temporarily freeze your account to limit and eliminate theft and loss of funds.

If the cost of fuel goes up what happens to the diesel I have already brought on Mafuta?

If the current price of fuel increases in Zimbabwe your Mafuta fuel on the APP will also increase.

Can I use Mafuta litres outside of Zimbabwe?

Currently you cannot use the Mafuta fuel coupon outside Zimbabwe, However, our future goal is to cover the African Southern Region.

Can I send diesel to my family in Zimbabwe from abroad?

Yes, you can.

Can I redeem my diesel litres for diesel?

You can redeem your Mafuta for diesel or petrol.

Can I purchase anything other than fuel?

You can trade your Mafuta with anybody on the APP.

what does it cost me to transfer diesel?

Our nominal costs of 1.5% are the lowest in the country with no cost when redeeming your fuel.

How long do transfers take?

The transfer is almost automatic, however, if a bank transfer is done then the Mafuta will reflect when the money is in “our” account.

Can I really send diesel home for less that it costs at the pump?

The simple answer is yes – you buy diesel for $1.20 & $1.25 the pump price is at $1.30, therefore, saving a minimum of $0.05 per litre of diesel.

Can I lose my diesel?

If you allow someone else access to your account only then can you LOSE your diesel.

Is the APP free?

YES the app can be downloaded from the Play store for free with the APP store coming online soon

Where can I use the APP?

You can use the app countrywide when you have a data connection.

How do I trade with my account?

You simply transfer your Mafuta units to any other APP users or to the redemption point (end user).

Is my Mafuta safe?

Your Mafuta is very safe, it has banking security levels and the software has been rigorously tested. Safety then relates to your password and PIN number secrecy and your personal phone safety.

How do I buy the Mafuta fuel?

There are many different payment methods with 2 main payment avenues – Local payments and payment outside Zimbabwe (cheaper fuel).

Where can I redeem my Mafuta dielsel?

We have partner redemption/collection locations with much more on the horizon.

Why buy diesel?

Zimbabwe, as with many other countries, is run on fuel and specifically diesel. This means that the economy and relevant prices are related to the fuel price. Prices in the shops go up when fuel goes up and if you are holding fuel then your asset (diesel) has maintained its value and you can buy the same goods as before a price increase.

What does Mafuta offer?

A countrywide fuel coupon that YOU can trade with on your phone with anyone who has downloaded the free Mafuta APP.

What is so special about Mafuta?

Mafuta will not only save you money but will actually make you money if you pay for fuel externally.

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