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Diaspora, are you tired of sending your hard earned cash home to family in Zimbabwe and it is “eaten” on the journey???? Energy Direct brings you the Mafuta fuel app which will not only save you money but ssssshhhhhh……it’ll make you money too. Mafuta is safe, easy and fast. All you have to do is purchase diesel for anyone in Zimbabwe and save big!!!!

Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines

Save on the price of diesel !!

Organisations and Companies can save on the price of diesel too. If you have access to pay for fuel outside Zimbabwe we have a corporate facility for you. Energy Direct has fuel partners in Zimbabwe who store and distribute fuel throughout the country. Mafuta Fuel App ensures safe and easy transfer of diesel to your workforce in and travelling to Zimbabwe. This is a one-way transfer and the fuel can only be redeemed at partner fuel stations in the country.

Diesel engines get best performance below 65 miles per hour

About Diesel in Zimbabwe

The Diesel fuel you know in Southern Africa starts its life as Crude Oil. This is the reason that the oil price relates to the price of diesel at any one time. In Zimbabwe however there may be a delayed effect from the oil price. This relates to the lead time between processing the crude and importing the finished product. There are also a number of additional factors that affect the diesel price in the Zimbabwe. Amongst others there is transportation, labour, duty and taxation. When there is a fuel price hike in Zimbabwe you will find other commodity prices increase too. The reason for this relates the transportation of goods and commodities to and within the country.

There are many different varieties of diesel on the market today. In Zimbabwe there are two main varieties. The difference here is the sulphur content. Our “normal” diesel fuel is the 500pmm and the “newer” low sulphur is the 50pmm diesel. Regulations worldwide are trying to lower and regulate the use of the higher sulphur content fuel which causes more harmful exhaust emissions.


your account value will maintain a level state with the changing economy. I.E. if diesel and commodity prices increase your Mafuta value increases too.

The oil price therefore is the major contributing factor to economic fluctuations. In Jan 2016 the oil price was as low as $27.50 a barrel with it rising to $62 in Jan 2018.

This means that the cost of transport and therefore commodities has risen a lot in Zimbabwe. Your US Dollar buys you less than 2 years ago. HOWEVER if you had a Mafuta Diesel account throughout that time period your buying power would not have changed.

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